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Personal Service from DNA Professionals for LESS than a "do-it-yourself kit"

The truth. That's what you need.

Not being 100% certain about a child's true father can put your entire life on hold. DNA Dimensions gives you scientific facts that will answer your questions, once and for all.

Our DNA paternity tests are fast, completely confidential, and greater than 99.99% accurate. Legal DNA Paternity Test results are admissible in court. If you are interested in non-legal paternity DNA tests, see our Personal DNA Paternity Test page.

DNA Dimensions is Metro Detroit's best source for DNA test results that are FAST, ACCURATE, and AFFORDABLE. DNA Results that are Quicker, Cheaper, and More Accurate Than Do-It-Yourself Kits.

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Walk-in hours are available at our Detroit office on Grand River Avenue.

Fully Accredited Lab is recognized as a world leader in the science of DNA testing. Helping Families get information they need for legal purposes or just peace of mind. Experienced DNA Testing Experts assure your case is handled properly. We offer Paternity Test Results in 3 Days. Payment Plans available. Local Owner is part of your community.

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